SW development for the voting-portal "New 7 Wonders of Nature"

By organizing a voting contest for the "New 7 wonders of the world", the "NewOpenWorld" foundation in 2007 has attempted to bring together interested citizens all over the world by their common world wide cultural inheritance. In the 3rd phase of the voting contest, according to the foundation, about 100 million votes were submitted for some 21 pre-selected finalists of new world wonders.

In 2011 in a similar way the foundation aims to seek 7 new world wonders, this time in nature. Altair Systems is proud having been a participant in the development of the community portal by which people all over the world could submit their votes for our earths' "New 7 wonders of Nature".


Project tasks:

  • SW development: design, implementation and test


Project environment:

  • MySQL

  • Drupal6

  • PHP 5

  • HTML, Java Script, CSS, Ajax

  • CMS