SAP based internet- and intranet portal for a global player in telecommunications

The customer of this project is a global player in telecommunications, presenting itself to its customers through a vast internet portal. Its vast intranet portal serves as information base for the companies' employees and in particular for its sales staff.


Since over 8 years Altair Systems offers IT-consultancy and participates in SW-development for both portals.


Over the years Altair Systems developed major enhancements for both portals in the following areas:

  • CRM self registration

  • CRM web shop

  • CCMI web content

  • Navigation

  • Integration software server

  • Delegated user administration

  • Roles management

  • iViews


Project tasks:

  • Requirements analysis

  • SW design

  • SW programming, implementation

  • Integration test

  • Acceptance test and go live

  • General IT consultancy within the SW development department.


Project environment:

  • SAP EP 5 / SAP Netweaver 2004

  • Solaris 9

  • Oracle 9

  • Java, JSP, HTML

  • XML

  • Webservice (Axis)