New CORBA based NMC simulator for GSM und UMTS

Altair Systems released today YAASS V1.0, the first version of its new generation of CORBA based Network Management Centre (NMC) simulators.
After the successful deployment of its CMISE/Q3 based NMC simulator product QuITE! over the last five years at major GSM and UMTS customers, YAASS (Yet Another Altair Systems Simulator) is now offering the full 3GPP CORBA based solution set for the simulation of a mobile communications network management centre.
YAASS supports the following 3GPP TS.32 series specifications:

  • TS 32.603 - BasicCM IRP - retrieval of managed objects
  • TS 32.111-3 - Alarm IRP - retrieval of alarms
  • TS 32.303 - Notifications IRP - reception of notifications
  • TS 32.663 - KernelCM IRP - kernel configuration management
  • TS 32.343 - FileTransfer IRP - handling of traffic measurement- and trace files
  • TS 32.363 - EntryPoint IRP - session establishment between NMC and agent servers
  • TS 32.353 - CommunicationSurveillance IRP - communication surveillance mechanisms

Using YAASS system engineers can test the functionality of a NMC agent agent, residing at an Element Manager in a GSM or UMTS network.
For these tests YAASS offers both a graphical user interface with ready-to-go command dialogues and a command line interface for test automatization and load and stress testing. The command line interface uses XML based scripts, that can be easily created using the YAASS-GUI.
YAASS is implemented in Java. Currently available platforms include Windows 2K/XP and Solaris. Please contact us to obtain a demo version or for more information on the features and prices of YAASS.